Key Tag Card

Best Way to Raise Money for Your School, Team or Club

Fundraising Plastic Card/Key Tag Combo with Popular Merchants- $10.00 (Over $150 Value)

o    The Plastic Card/Key Tag Combo has two custom plastic discount cards, a magnetic card with the team schedule and two team schedule discount key tags
o    We can also provide this product with three coupon cards and two key tags or a four coupon card set up
o    The Front cover can be customized for a particular organization (with minimum order of 500 cards)
o    The discounts are 'continuous' use offers that can be used once a day, every day, for an entire year
o    The cards and key tags pop right out of the strip for use
o    NEVER LEFT AT HOME OR IN THE CAR – easily fits in shirt pocket, pant pocket, purse or wallet and keychain
o    We offer the most merchant participation of ANY fundraising program
o    Fundraising Sticker Cards can be used at any merchant located on the cards in specified County
o    Existing fundraising partners in your area

o    These products are sold directly via in-hand sales, so no order taking brochures or checking back with customers is needed
o    Simple one page agreement

o    Kick-Off Presentation to students, staff and/or parents
o    Pizza Party Blitz

These cards provide the participating local businesses free advertising and a great value to the consumer!

Click here to view a PDF: Oceanside Football Card Keytag