Merchant Participation

We offer FREE advertising through our efforts to raise money for schools, youth athletics, and other non-profit groups. We believe with your participation and the participation of other local businesses we will make a great difference in kid’s lives. With up to 70% of the proceeds in our campaign going to children's needs, we are setting the standard for giving.

How this works for you:

1. We can tailor the advertising and products to meet your needs. You can even have your own 2 panel card that is customized for your business.

2. The one time use "peel off" sticker allows for tracking for promotion costs and employee honesty.

3. A 'continuous' offer acts as a continuous loss leader to keep the consumer coming back all year.  This offer is generally on a low product cost item or a buy down discount.

For further questions and details, please contact me direct at (760) 672-5390.

Thank you for your time and consideration, we look forward to working together making a positive impact in your business and your community.

The following Merchants are currently participating in our Stickem-Marketing Fundraising programs:

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