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Stick-Em Marketing is looking for a few good distributors. Stick-Em has been developing high quality products since 2003 for our own fundraising efforts and now we have decided to open a printing division offering our innovative products and programs to other fundraising companies across the country. Our beginnings as a fundraising company has given us a unique insight to the market place and an advantage when developing products and programs. As a competitor in the discount card/book fund-raising industry we have heard the objections from both merchants and customers pertaining to products in the market. Our job is to overcome those objections. In doing so we have developed several different products to set the standard in the discount card industry and are now offering these programs to fund-raising companies such as yours.

We will offer exclusivity for those distributors who have built and maintained serious distribution numbers in their markets; we will guarantee you will have the best products and best pricing allowing you to take a greater share in the market place.

For further questions, information, samples and pricing please call Gary Griffie at 760-672-5390.

We look forward to making a great impact in your business while helping customers achieve their fundraising goals.


Merchant Markets Available

Please contact Gary at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for available markets



Merchant Benefits


°         FREE Advertising

°         FREE Distribution

°         Local Exposure

°         Market Wide Exposure

°         Several Ways to Advertise

°         Up to 30% Redemption Rate

°         Pillar in Your Community

°         Exclusivity Available

°         Site Specific

°         Year Round Distribution

°         Multiple Products

°         Up to 90% Proceeds to Children's Needs

°         One time use stickers gives your business the exposure without the burden of a half price customer for a year


Merchant Terms & Conditions

The ADVERTISER placing advertising covered by this Agreement and DISTRIBUTOR/AGENT accepting the advertising order hereby agree by the following:

1. Distributor/Agent agrees to include Advertiser in its publication(s) as an aid in the development of new customers, promotion of better business relations, and the creation of traffic on the Advertiser’s behalf.

2. Advertiser understands that publication(s) will be distributed in the Area(s) designated through channels selected by Distributor/Agent.

3. Advertiser agrees to honor all Stick-Em offers presented to Advertiser up to and including the expiration date printed on each card and or book. Advertiser agrees that failure to honor such offers would reflect discredit on the Distributor/Agent, the publisher, the distributing organization(s), the publication(s), as well as participating Advertisers. Should the Advertiser when presented not honor any unexpired offers; the Advertiser understands that they may be liable for damages. In the event it is necessary to initiate legal proceedings to enforce any obligations of this Agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable attorney’s fees and costs.

4. Starting and Expiration dates may vary depending on the scheduling of distribution commitments.

5. Publisher reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertisement, position, commitment or space reservation at any time. Position of advertisement is at the discretion of the Publisher, except where a special position has been acknowledged in writing by the Publisher.

6. Liability for the contents of advertisement printed (text and visuals), as well as any claims arising there from made against Distributor/Agent or Publisher (including attorney’s fees) are assumed entirely by the Advertiser.

7. Distributor/Agent or Publisher is under no obligation to provide proofs prior to printing and or distribution of publication(s).

8. On reserved space for multiple seasons and or publications, last copy shall be repeated if no new material is received 90 days prior to publication deadlines.

NOTE: The Merchant Terms & Conditions are made available to you online as a PDF (Portable Document Format). Please access for a FREE download.

>> Stickem-Marketing Merchant Terms and Conditions


Merchant Agreement

We guarantee the distribution of our fundraising products for participating fundraising partners, even in a struggling economy.

NOTE: The following form is made available to you online in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please access for a FREE download.

>> Stick-Em Marketing Merchant Agreement


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