Sports Nut Fund-Raising

Fundraising Options


Why Peel Off Cards Are A better Fundraiser

  • It's New, extremely simple, practical, and economical
  • We offer your supporters hundreds of dollars in savings
  • A different kind of fundraiser
  • More businesses participate
  • Hybrid program that combines both the "Plastic Card" continuous offers and the "Ticket" 1 time use coupons
  • Provides a greater value than the Plastic Card and Ticket combined
  • Up to 90% goes directly to your organization
  • Fast and easy way to raise funds without the need for many volunteers
  • This card program offers the maximum amount of funds raised in the least amount of time (Time is valuable and these days it can be hard for parents or teachers to find extra time to put into fundraising)
  • Can easily combine with other Fundraisers to raise maximum amount of funds
  • No need for any large amount of space for storage of product
  • Only takes our company 1 week to sign up the businesses to sponsor your card
  • Helps to support local businesses
  • It's a Win, Win, Win for all involved